How to Cook, Celebrate, and Dress When You Have to Stay Home


I’m sharing a few simple ways to cook, celebrate and dress when you have to stay home for a pandemic or otherwise.

favorite shepherd's pie



Stay at Home Cooking

 Cooking trends during this pandemic show that we are going “back to the basics” in the kitchen. The most popular pinterest recipe is currently Shepherd’s Pie.  The photo above is my Shepherd’s Pie. The recipe is here; it is yummy and SO easy to make.

I am currently obsessed with Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. I have the kindle version of the book and recently made the buttermilk brined chicken below. Best. Chicken. EVER.  The recipe can be found in this blog post.

buttermilk brined chicken
Chicken brined 24 hours in buttermilk. Best I’ve ever eaten.

More meat recipes we love……

More folks are cooking large cuts of meat that will feed families for a few days.  If you are intimidated by Boston Butt, Baby Back Ribs, or Beef Brisket~don’t be. Click on any of the above for my easy, foolproof recipes, and serve any of the three with your fave red or white BBQ sauce. YUM!

Stay at Home Celebrating

If you had a wedding planned during the pandemic, you had three choices~continue, cancel or postpone. I share a story of one bride who chose to continue in this podcast where a wedding planner shares how she shifted a wedding from 260 to 25 then to 10. It is an amazing story with lots of advice + tips from Kalee Baker Events for anyone engaged in pandemic times.

pandemic wedding
A wedding from 260 to 25 to 10.

Zane and  I celebrated our 32 wedding anniversary at home with casual and curbside. He had the girls set the table with my favorite flowers~tulips~and ordered takeout from a favorite restaurant~Perry’s Steakhouse.  

anniversary stay at home

Stay at home dressing.

golden goose dupes
Tee Shirt Dress + Golden Goose Dupes

Other than leggings, tanks and tennis shoes, my pandemic dressing style has been casual and comfy.  I link below to where I bought my Golden Goose dupes that Melanie Shankle shared with me on this podcast where we talk her book, life, beauty and more.

  •  Golden Goose dupes by Steven (Steve Madden) here. I have them in white. They are cute, comfy, and true to size.
  • I bought a new style/color of my favorite running shoe
  • Below are a few Athleta pieces that I bought~currently on sale.
  • The dresses I am wearing with the sneakers are sold out but I just ordered the ones below that I like even better. Ordered in 2 colors.

One more thing for those of you looking for a new book. Reflections on the Existence of God by Richard Simmons is one of the best books I own. Each essay takes 10 minutes or less to read and is sure to increase one’s faith. Zane bought a case of these, as Richard is a friend and on the board of his firm. We are all reading this and will be giving these as graduation gifts.

What about you? What are you cooking and wearing during the pandemic? Have you had any celebrations that you had to change during “Stay at Home?” Please share in the comments below. It is fun to hear how others are navigating these unprecedented times.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Please stay safe, well and savvy:-)

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