How to Find the Best Wedding Planner for Your Special Day

On this episode of The SavvyCast, guest and wedding planner Handley McCrory shares an inside look at how a professional wedding planner can help you from engagement to wedding day (within your desired budget).

Choosing a Wedding Planner

Handley McCory shares the basic questions to ask potential wedding planners to see if they are a fit for you. The first and most basic questions are below:

  • Are you available on the wedding date?
  • What are your prices and packages?
  • How many meetings are included from engagement to wedding day
wedding planner
Handley McCrory of Handley Breaux Designs

Tips for Reducing Wedding Costs

In the podcast, Handley shares the #1 way to keep costs lower when having a wedding, along with other tips for staying within a budget. She also shares advice on the need for the parents of the bride (who typically pay for the wedding) to be on the same page financially to avoid stress during the process.

Destination Weddings and Short Engagements

Handley shares how destination weddings are in a league of their own. She talks about the most incredible destination wedding that she helped plan, and she also shares the shortest wedding she planned (two months from engagement to wedding).

Trends in Weddings for 2020

Handley discusses a few trends you’ll be seeing in wedding for 2020. She talks about how to incorporate the current color trend for 2020~deep blue~in a way that is elegant and classic. She also discusses some special ways to use trees for the wedding and after.

wedding planner
Handley and my daughter Ellie

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