How to Look Cute (Not Frumpy) In Women’s Joggers


Here are a few tips + tricks on how to look cute (not frumpy) in women’s joggers~a style trend that is everywhere in 2020.

Since joggers are a thing in 2020, I’m sharing a few tips for those of you who might want to give them a try but need a little bit of inspo.

What are joggers?

Originally made for exercise, joggers are a traditional style of sports pants. They typically have an athletic appearance and taper in at the leg. Most joggers have an elastic or drawstring waist and elastic at the ankles. In years past, joggers have been viewed as super casual~almost in the category of sweatpants. But 2020 joggers are definitely made in all styles, allo fabrics, and all occasions.

Why I (finally) love joggers. 

I have never bought a pair of joggers until last week. I’ve always felt that they were unflattering.  But this weekend when my friend Sophie called to tell me that Anthropologie had a ton of joggers in great fabrics, colors, and styles, I decided to check them out. I went that day and found SO many joggers that I loved. I bought two pairs, and went across the street to Athleta and bought another. Needless to say, I am a joggers convert now:-)

Why I am sharing style tips for joggers.

I think many women, especially those in my 50+ age group, discount joggers like I did before I discovered the new styles. When I tried on the ones that I ended up buying, I fell in love immediately. The styles were able to be dressed up or down, and believe it or not, they were as flattering as joggers can be. I decided to share a few tips for those of you who might need a little inspo to give them a try.

Some Tips for Styling Women’s Joggers


What shoes do you wear with joggers?

The Arizona style Birkenstocks (or similar) look great with casual joggers..  Strappy flats or cute sandals can dress up those same casual joggers. You can pair dressier joggers with heeled sandals or dressy ankle boots. For a street look, joggers can be tucked in a pair of combat or hiking boots. Fashion sneakers are also popular with joggers. I love my Steven sneakers (Golden Goose dupes) with my joggers. I link to them below. 

What tops do you wear with joggers?

fitted tanks and tees. Sleeveless and racerback tops look great with joggers. I enjoy pairing fitted tops with joggers, which are typically looser.  If pairing a jacket with joggers, shorter styles are best (i.e. denim, bomber or biker). 

How do you avoid looking frumpy in joggers?

For years, I avoided joggers due to their loose, baggy style. Many of them look like glorified sweatpants, which isn’t what many women are looking for in a pant. Here are some tips for sporting joggers with style (with zero frump factor:-).

  • Choose a flattering style. The most flattering joggers will be more tailored and not quite so baggy. Cuffs are fine as long as the legs and waist are streamlined. 
  • Choose a high quality fabric. Tighter weave silky blends washed or dyed cotton and stylish prints (camouflage, leopard) up the style factor in joggers. 
  • Go with fitted tops. You’ve probably heard the rule of thumb, “loose bottoms~tight tops” and vice versa. Most joggers will be loose and stretchy (if not slightly baggy). Fitted tops are the best choice for a flattering look.
  • Add some chic accessories. You can throw on some boho leather/pearl jewelry, add layered necklaces, or sport some statement earrings. 

How to style dressier joggers.

When we all get to start going out more, especially to nicer venues, dressier joggers might fit the occasion. Below are a few images of dressier joggers and how to style them.


How to style casual joggers.

My current jogger style is casual and comfy. I work from home and go out mainly to exercise, shop, or run errands.  Below are a few looks + a video of me showing the front and back of the different outfits. Of course, my styles are just a few of myriad ways to wear casual joggers.



Below, you can find all of the joggers, tops, and shoes that I am wearing in the photos and videos. You can also see some of my other favorite joggers that are great for dressing up or down.



What are your thoughts on joggers? I’d love to hear from you (especially if you are 50+ like me:-) It is so much fun peeking into others’ closets to get ideas and inspiration:-) As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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  1. Do you have a link to the long sleeve tie dye shirt from Walmart? Loved it, but cannot find it online. Thanks!

  2. Hi Kathy! I never considered them before either but love the looks that can be put together with the ones that I found! Bottom line~they can be cute if we find the right ones:-) Hope you find some that you love (on sale)!!! Xoxo

  3. All such cute looks! I never would have considered joggers before.
    I hope Anthro has a sale soon.k

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