How To Remove A Lipoma


Today, Dr. Herzog discusses how to remove a lipoma. Some lipomas can easily be removed in a doctor’s office with a small incision, while others might require more invasive measures.

Dr. Jo,  

While pregnant with my twins, I gained way too much weight (75 pounds). I eventually lost the weight but was left with a fat pad of sorts directly under one knee. No matter how hard I exercise, this fat deposit won’t budge. Someone told me that it was a lipoma. What can I do?  Sincerely, Jamie

Dr. Jo Herzog

Dear Jamie,

Congratulations.  Having a twin pregnancy can leave one with several unwanted souvenirs, even though we know that they are certainly worth it.  Twin pregnancies are more likely to result in stretch marks, varicose veins, and hanging abdominal skin. Getting a lipoma is not something that I usually associate with a twin pregnancy, but anything is possible.

The first thing to be done is to make an accurate diagnosis. Lipomas are usually easily rolled under the skin and are soft, as opposed to some other growths or tumors that are firmer.  A diagnosis can usually be made by looking and feeling, but if one wants to be 100% certain, a biopsy can be done.

When doing a biopsy, a lipoma can often be squeezed out of a small slit or hole. I had an egg sized lipoma squeezed out of a 4mm biopsy hole on my shoulder. A lipoma can be cut out through a small slit as well and can also probably be sucked out with liposuction. A biopsy to try to remove it is the most cost and time effective if it is successful.

This is not the procedure for a lipoma as big as a tennis ball. For a large lipoma, a small incision would be easiest, and then maybe a liposuction type procedure.  Any surgical procedure will have to involve at least a small cut.

There soon might be chemical ways to do this with only an injection, but at this point, there are none that I would be comfortable with. Come see me next week, and we will do a biopsy.

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