How to Tell When These 3 Foods are “Done” without Using a Clock

cake mix carrot cakeOne of the best skills the home cook can learn is how to cook intuitively rather than always having to rely on a clock! In this episode, I teach you how to cook casserole dishes, roast vegetables, and even bake cakes without your kitchen timer. 


Episode At A Glance:  

Intuitive cooking and baking is when you are able to tell if a dish is done by the way it looks or smells rather than if your clock says it is ready. The recommended baking time in recipes is just that- a recommendation! Cooking times will vary depending on a variety of factors such as your oven and the type of pan or dish you use. In this episode, I share how you can tell if your dishes and baked goods are ready to pull out of the oven without relying on the clock! 

Questions Answered In This Episode: 

  • What is intuitive cooking and baking? 
  • Is intuitive cooking a skill only experienced/professional chefs can acquire? 
  • How can I tell if my cake is ready?
  • What should I look for when roasting vegetables in the oven?
  • How can I avoid burning my casseroles? 

Recipes Mentioned In This Episode: 

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