How to Use Velvet Pumpkins for Absolutely Stunning Fall Decor

Here is how you can use velvet, faux or real pumpkins to make stunning Fall centerpieces to use from September through Thanksgiving!

velvet pumpkin decor

Velvet pumpkins are my favorite Fall decor.

Velvet pumpkins have been my favorite thing to pull out for Fall decorating for years. When I spotted my first velvet pumpkin, it was love at first sight. Velvet is such an elegant fabric, and stuffed velvet pumpkins come in so many elegant shades to usher in Fall. I have velvet pumpkins in soft neutrals, metallic gold, and white, but you can get almost any shade from navy blue to hot pink to animal print!

velvet pumpkin decor

Where to buy velvet pumpkins.

Years ago, it was rather hard to find velvet pumpkins. My first ones were ones that I stumbled upon at T.J.Maxx and Home Goods. They were simple velvet pumpkins in straightforward colors like orange, brown, and maroon. The stems were usually short and made of plastic or rubber. To make these look elegant, I had to buy gold leaf to paint the stems.  Today, velvet pumpkins are the rage, but the prettiest ones are a bit of an investment. Below are the prettiest and highest quality pumpkins that I’ve found and am using in my Fall decor.


How to use velvet (or real) pumpkins in Fall decor.

In the short video below, I showcase three of my pumpkin centerpieces that I am using for Fall decor. One has pumpkins and a scented candle for a non-eating space, one is a large centerpiece suitable for a larger table, and one is small, simple and solid white with touches of gold.

How to use white velvet pumpkins for Fall decor.

If you love decor that is lighter and brighter than the darker Fall colors, no worries! You can create a lovely pumpkin centerpiece with all white velvet pumpkins. Just choose your favorite large white bowl and fill it with white pumpkins. Choose pumpkins with gold stems for a touch of glam. If you want just a touch of Fall on a small table, just place one velvet pumpkin atop a stack of books or nestled within a vignette.

Fall Glam Decor: White Velvet Pumpkins with Gold Stems

Fall Glam Decor: White Velvet Pumpkins with Gold Stems


Find more Fall favorites for 2021.

I recently shared several Fall 2021 favorite things in The Desserts, Sweaters, and Velvet Pumpkin Decor That I am Loving Right Now. If you want to whip up one of my apple or pumpkin treats or grab a link to my cut out turtleneck sweaters, hop on over to the post and check them out!!!

I hope this has inspired you to grab some velvet (or other) pumpkins to use for Fall decor in YOUR home! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed, and savvy day!!!

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