How Unless U Helps Create a Brighter Future for Developmentally Disabled Adults

Lindy Cleveland and Marye Grace Browning joined the SavvyCast to discuss Unless U, a nonprofit that Lindy started. We discussed how Unless U was founded, their different programs, and their new ice cream shop. We even got to hear a personal testimony from one of their students, John!

Episode At A Glance: 

This week, Lindy Cleveland and Marye Grace Browning shared all about Unless U, a Birmingham-based nonprofit that serves developmentally disabled adults. Lindy, the founder and executive director of Unless U, shared why she started the nonprofit. Lindy and Marye Grace discussed their amazing new facility, how their classes work to serve students, and their new program Post Place. 


What Is Unless U?

The inspiration for this amazing nonprofit is Lindy’s brother Jordan. Lindy’s brother Jordan has down syndrome, and her family found themselves at a crossroads once he finished his high school program. Frustrated by the lack of programs for adults with developmental disabilities, Lindy decided to start one herself. The Christian-based organization first opened in November of 2014 with 10 students enrolled. Today, Unless U creates a college-like environment for their students to continue their education, receive vocational training, and learn life and social skills. According to their website, Unless U “envisions a world where adults with developmental disabilities are not seen through the lens of their disability but rather through what they offer their community.”

Questions We Answered In This Episode: 

  • How was Unless U started? 
  • How has Unless U grown over the years? 
  • What are your roles at Unless U?
  • How do the classes work for students?
  • What is your new program Post Place?
  • How did you go about fundraising for your new facility?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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