Husky Drum Liners: A Favorite Product For Home Organization


Organization can be a struggle for me, so any time I find a product that helps make my life easier in this area, I want to share it. The product below is a staple in my household and makes it so much easier for me to keep a clean and organized home.


HUSKY DRUM LINERS. These drum liners are SO useful! They are 55 gallon–which holds a TON–and very durable. I’ve never had one tear, no matter how much I’ve stuffed in it.

These used to be available at Home Depot and Lowes; however, I think that most or all of these stores have stopped carrying the them. My Home Depot sells a store brand clear bag (50 gallon) that I have not tried. Since I know that the Husky brand works, I will order these online as long as they are available.

Here are a few ways that I use these drum liners.

  • To cover items for attic storage. The photo below shows several bags full of items that I wanted to transfer from the closet into the attic. Pillows, Christmas lights, Easter baskets and tree, and assorted Christmas wrap. These liners can cover most anything and can be sealed almost air tight.



  • For emptying trash on each floor of the house. Rather than having everyone come from upstairs or downstairs to empty trash, we just take one of these bags to collect from the entire floor. Sometimes, one bag will hold all trash from the entire house.
  • To cover clothes during the off season. By snipping a small hole in the corner of one of these bags to make room for hangers, I can cover 5-6 hanging garments at once. The bottom can be tied to further insulate clothing until the time comes to pull it out again.
  • To hold soft sports equipment (nothing with sharp edges) such as balls, frisbees, swim toys, goggles, etc….
  • To cover artificial Christmas trees (smaller size) without having to dissassemble. In some cases, I even cover trees with ornaments and all.
  • To cover large wreaths. I have two huge, square boxwood wreaths with large Christmas bows attached that I just cover and leave intact from year to year. I just pull them from the attic, and they are perfect and ready hang.

There are many more ways that these can be used to make everyday and seasonal organization easier. The best part of these bags is that they are clear, so I can always see exactly what is inside. Nothing is more frustrating than walking into a storage area and not knowing what boxes or bags contain what items. These drum liners may not be the most sophisticated way to store and organize, but they certainly work for me.

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