Why a Lampe Berger is a Smart Thing to Own (and How to Use It)


If you are looking to purify the air in your home and leave it smelling fabulous, a Lampe Berger is a wonderful investment. 

lampe berger
I love my Lampe Berger lamps.

What Is A Lampe Berger?

The Lampe Berger was created in the 1890s by chemist Maurice Berger. He designed the lamp to use “catalytic combustion” to capture and destroy airborne bacteria. These lamps were initially used to disinfect the air in hospitals and mortuaries, but they eventually became popular with consumers.  Lampe Berger lamps come in many decorative styles and with myriad fragrance choices. You may have seen these decorative lamps in stores and wondered what they were. Now you know!

lampe berger
Lampe Berger lamps come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Why Should You Buy A Lampe Berger?

I absolutely love my Lampe Berger lamps. I’ve been using them for over a decade and couldn’t live without mine. Although many think it is simply for fragrance, it has many other benefits. Here are the top reasons why a Lampe Berger is a smart thing to own.

  • You can reduce and/or eliminate offensive odors in the air in as little as 20 minutes.
  • You can reduce airborne viruses and bacteria~especially when guests are over by burning the Lampe Berger.
  • You can use Lampe Bergers for home decor. A lamp placed on a stack of books or atop a small table looks lovely.
  • Lampe Berger lamps last forever; only fragrance oils need to be replaced. 
  • Replacement parts (wicks, wick caps) for Lampe Berger are easy to find on amazon.

Is Lampe Berger Toxic? 

Those of us who are conscious of bringing toxins into our homes have nothing to worry about with the Lampe Berger. They actually work to detox and purify the air in your home. The isopropyl alcohol in a Lampe Berger releases into the air, where the catalytic conversion process cleanses the air and disperses the fragrance for hours at a time. Additionally, Lampe Berger lamps increase the amount of oxygen in the air.

How Do You Fill And Light A Lampe Berger?

In the video below, I show exactly how to light a Lampe Berger.

  1. Fill the Lampe Berger to 1/2 with your favorite fragrance.
  2. Place wich in fragrance oil; allow it to sit for several hours for the wick to absorb the oil.
  3. Light the wick; allow it to burn for 2 minutes.
  4. Blow out the flame. Place the open vented cover on the lamp.
  5. To stop diffusing, place the closed cover on the wick.

Where Can You Use A Lampe Berger?

A Lampe Berger is a fabulous addition to any room, be it a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Many people love to place them in their home’s entranceway so that the lovely scent greets visitors right as they walk through the door. These are also wonderful to use in an office space or classroom! 

What Are My Favorite Lampe Berger Scents? 

  • Creme Brulee. Top notes: heliotrope, vanilla. Heart notes: hot milk, brown sugar. Base notes malt, caramel, cocoa bean.
  • Festive fir. Woody & Fresh. Pine needles. Fir balm- Pine- Eucalyptus- Raspberry- Sandalwood-Cedarwood.
  • So neutral. Sandalwood, slightly sweet. Very little scent~mostly neutralizes and purifies.
  • Ocean Breeze. A fruity marine fragrance where marine notes reveal themselves on a hint of citrus fruits plunged into a light floral heart, emphasized by exotic woods.
  • Charleston.  A unique warm and homey scent with notes of cinnamon & honey.  This scent is more masculine and spicy and may appeal to those who don’t like floral and sweet smells.
  • Radiant Bergamot. A zesty and refreshing fragrance with notes of mandarin, orange, and cardamom. Heart notes: bergamot orange, petitgrain, and black pepper.

I hope this has been helpful in showing the benefits of Lampe Berger. If you are a fan of Lampe Berger, PLEASE share your favorite bottles and fragrances in the comments below. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!

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  1. Lamp fuel can be created with your own favorite fragrances.
    Add a small amount of perfume to 91% alcohol & fill the lamp. The fuel is not “oil”. It is alcohol based.
    The 91%alcohol as fuel for the lamp burns cleanly. My wicks last much longer using alcohol without fragrance.

  2. You neglect to mention! 71% Rubbing alcohol WILL NOT WORK in catalytic lamps, it MUST BE 91%.
    I typically add fragrance to the alcohol, but it is not necessary. The 71% alcohol will leave residue on the catalytic burner, it will not burn properly after trying that fuel.

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