Jamie talks with Cabinet Professional Paul Salter About Her Renovation Project Faves


This week Paul Salter of Cabinetry Refinishing Enterprises joins me to discuss the details of my new kitchen and bathroom cabinets! 

Episode At A Glance:

This week on The SavvyCast, I am sharing all the details about my new kitchen and bath cabinetry. If you have been following along with @family_savvy on Instagram, you know that we have been undergoing several home renovations. In this episode, I chat with Paul Salter of Cabinetry Refinishing Enterprises about different cabinetry trends, how to maximize storage space, and the details of my new kitchen and bathroom cabinets. To hear more details about our home renovations, stay tuned by following @family_savvy on Instagram and subscribing to The SavvyCast

Who Is Paul Salter?

Paul Salter was born and raised in Birmingham and received a business degree from The University of Alabama’s Business School in Management and Structure Strategy with a specialization in their Entrepreneurship program. After graduating in 2010, Paul moved back to Birmingham to work at Cabinetry Refinishing Enterprises. He helped the Birmingham location grow from 3 employees and 1 location, to multiple locations and dozens of employees. Paul is married to Lauren Salter who is a Pulmonary Supervisor at the Kirkland Clinic. Paul jokes that she saves lives while he saves kitchens. They also have a 3-year-old daughter named Cate Colee Salter who is the light of their lives.

Questions Answered 

  • What is the difference between totally redoing all the cabinetry vs. refacing cabinetry?
  • What are inset cabinets? Why choose those over an overlay cabinet style?
  • Is it popular or trending to have lighting inside and under your cabinets?
  • How can you maximize your storage space in your cabinets?
  • What are the different kinds of pull-outs that you can add to your cabinets?
  • Is adjustable shelving standard for cabinetry or do you have to specifically request that feature?
  • Why did I choose drawer stacks instead of typical lower cabinets?
  • What features were added to my bathroom & why?
  • Why did my designer and I choose tall cabinet doors?
  • How to get paneled appliances?

Resources In This Episode: 

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