An Inside Look at the Life Changing Camp JH Ranch

 JH Ranch is a summer camp like no other! This week my guests and I discussed the different tracks JH offers, along with the powerful personal impact it has on campers and counselors. 

Episode At A Glance: 

This week on the SavvyCast I discussed JH Ranch, a Christian outdoors camp in California. My guests (including my daughter Emma) shared with me the impact JH has had on their own faith and personal growth. Whether you have never heard of JH Ranch or are a seasoned camper, this episode is sure to inspire you! 


What Is JH Ranch? 

JH Ranch is a breathtaking camp tucked in the mountains of California. It is spread over nearly 1000 remote acres and is fourteen miles outside of the town of Etna, CA. With all the different tracks JH offers, there is a session for everyone. Whether you want to send your child by themselves or with a parent, JH has tailor-made programs designed to strengthen your child’s relationship with God through adventure and connection. 

What Adventures Does JH Ranch Offer? 

  • Parent & Son/Daughter – This track is designed to strengthen the bond between parents and teens through experiencing new challenges and adventures together. These adventures include whitewater rafting, wilderness hiking, and ropes course climbing!
  • Cloud 9 – Cloud 9 is designed specifically for engaged couples. This experience will lay an unbreakable spiritual and relational foundation for your marriage. 
  • Challenge – Rising 9th and 10th graders experience two weeks of jet boating, camping in the Redwoods, surfing the Pacific Coast, and more! 
  • Second Wind – After completing 10th grade, campers are eligible for Second Wind. This track features slightly more intense activities than the Challenge session. These activities include a ropes course, white water rafting, and hiking. 
  • Trac II Bikes – Campers who have completed Second Wind are eligible for Trac II Bikes, where they will bike 109 miles from JH Ranch to the Pacific Coast. 
  • Trac II Mountain – Campers who have completed Second Wind also have the option of Trac II Mountain. Instead of biking 109 miles, campers climb all 14,180 feet of Mount Shasta.


The Impact of JH Ranch: 

In addition to discussing the adventures JH Ranch has to offer, the guests discussed how JH Ranch impacted their faith. They explained that JH Ranch has had a lasting impact on their walk with the Lord and that it has sparked so much personal growth. Additionally, the guests noted how encouraging it has been to have such a rich Christian community with their peers. 



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