Just An Old Fashioned BLT

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.32.50 AMThere are myriad twists on the BLT (bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich), but none of them has ever struck my fancy.  To me, the BLT is a meant to be simple sandwich. Its unique taste is totally changed by adding artisan bread, avocado, or other accoutrements. Why mess with a good thing? Any southerner knows that the BLT is all about the tomato. A good one. Homegrown and bursting with flavor. Without this, a good BLT doesn’t exist. Don’t give me any fluff where a BLT is concerned.  Just good tomatoes and a few simple ingredients, and I am good to go!

It has been said that there are only 2 things money can’t buy–true love and homegrown tomatoes. For those of us who can’t or don’t grow their own, the quest for a good tomato can be daunting. Outside of having an occasional gift from a garden savvy friend sharing from her bounty, I have to drive to the farmer’s market.

I’ve not had any luck, ever, getting a good tomato at the grocery store. I wonder if it because they refrigerate them somewhere between the picking, shipping, and delivery of the crop. (A cardinal rule of thumb is to never put fresh whole tomatoes in the fridge. That is a quick and easy way to render them tasteless).

But, now is the perfect time to track down the wonderful, fresh tomato and make yourself this wonderful southern treat. Here is how I make BLT’s for my family.

Just An Old Fashioned BLT


  • Bacon, cooked until crisp. Good bacon (real, not turkey) is important. Don’t skimp here. I make lots of bacon, as we pile it on at my house.
  • Fresh, homegrown tomatoes (peeled, sliced, salted & peppered)
  • Sliced bread (we prefer wheat, although many BLT purists insist on white bread)
  • Lettuce (just a small layer; I prefer iceberg or green leaf)
  • Mayonnaise (I use Bama light or Hellman’s light)

Lightly toast bread on both sides. (If you don’t do this, you’ll have a soggy mess.)
Spread mayo on both slices of bread.

Layer as follows:
layer of tomatoes
layer of bacon
small sliver of lettuce
another layer of tomatoes
one more layer of bacon

That’s it. As simple as this is, there is nothing quite like it when all the ingredients are optimal. NOTE: this month (June), The Fresh Market BOGO Tuesday deals include market style bacon. You can get a pound for $3.00. This is great bacon; I’ve had it several times and loved it.

Here’s to summer, good tomatoes, and a plain old fashioned BLT. The good things in life, and the kitchen, don’t have to be complicated:-)

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