Kitchen Savvy: 3 Food Storage Products That Really Work

Whenever I find products that help make anything easier (especially cooking),  I love to share the info. That’s what today’s post is about–3 of my favorite kitchen tools that make cooking, specifically wrapping food for freezer storage–a snap.

Many food wraps claim to seal or tightly wrap food but fall short at the task. After trying almost every brand, I now have two tried and true favorites that my kitchen arsenal will never be without. Easy to find and inexpensive, these wraps do what they say they’ll do–every time.

(I realize that I sound like an advertisement or commercial, but I am just sharing my experience. There is no affiliate relationship between me and any of these products.)



Three Favorite Kitchen Tools 

1.  Glad Press’n Seal (top) sticks to food, dishes, etc… glue. The meat loaf shown here is wrapped in Press’n Seal. Before I put any food in the freezer, especially meat that easily gets freezer burn, I pull out this wrap and cover the surface area tightly so that air won’t come into contact with the food. I can assure you, this is a product that works and is an indispensable tool for cooks, especially those who freeze.

2.  The other wrap shown above is Reyolds Wrap non-stick Pan Lining Paper, and I LOVE it! No more parchment paper that won’t lay flat. One side is aluminum foil; the other side is parchment. It is easy to cut, shape, and fold, and it stays exactly where you put it.

After sealing the surfacing area of the above meat loaf with the cling wrap, I’ll then seal it again, this time with the pan lining paper. This provides a tough insulation against freezer burn.

My final can’t live without tool is shown below. The aforementioned meat loaf is finally placed into this product and is now “freezer ready!” The product is……..

IMG_02113.  Ziploc “Big Bags” storage bags. These bags are amazing, and I buy them in several sizes. For all the jobs that a gallon ziploc can’t hold, these large, extra-large, and larger bags can do the trick. This “large” is a step above the gallon ziploc and is perfect for sealing this meat loaf.  Be sure to remove all air from the bag and label the food. Trust me, labeling is important. I forget what I cooked even a week ago, so I rely heavily on my labels and sharpie!

Be aware that in most stores these larger Ziploc bags are on the same aisle as the food storage and wrap but sometimes on the opposite side or other end of the aisle. At my Publix, these larger bags are across from the charcoal and lighters, at the opposite end of the aisle from regular food storage bags.

How about you? Do you have some tried and true products that make your life easier? If so, please share!




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