Let’s Talk Better Sex (in Marriage) and a Few Fave Things

Sharing two podcasts on marriage (including making good sex great sex) along with a few favorite things for the week.

married sex from good to great

Family Savvy has always been about more than food. Recipes are a main component, of course, but my heart’s desire is to also share resources to help marriages and families.

This week, I posted two podcasts on marriage. I highly recommend both; descriptions are below.

The Chair: How to “Ask the Marriage.” My husband Zane shares a concept that can change how you view marriage (as well as a host of other relationships). 

The 8 Things That Take Married Sex From Good to Great. Dr. Joe Beam shares some shocking statistics on how many marriages are “no sex” or “low sex.” He then cites the 8 components (based on a highly reliable study) that can turn merely “good enough” sex into “great sex.”  Note: Although the study was not faith based, Dr. Beam shares the content from his Christian perspective.

The SavvyCast Podcast Page is home to all of the episodes, which includes the Enneagram, Faster Way to Fat Loss, and More. You can subscribe to The SavvyCast through iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and also listen directly from Family Savvy. If you subscribe, rate, and review, I’d be SO grateful:-)

Answering a Few Questions You’ve Asked This Week

If you love instagram and want to follow all of my daily stories, my handle is @family_savvy. I put instagram stories on almost daily, and I always answer my DM’s. When I get the same questions more than a few times, I also try to answer them here on the blog. Here are some trending questions as of late.

This white bean chili chicken prompted many to ask “where do you buy a casserole crock like yours?” I’ve never seen mine locally (mine is stainless); I link to my model at 3 stores below. It is my fave crock; it is so much less bulk than the old model.

3 Cute & Comfy Things This Week

I’ve ordered the Spanx leggings below. They will be a Fall staple. A fave blogger modeled the amazon leopard cardigan. It’s acrylic, though, so I’m still on the fence. I almost bought the Sorel booties; they are cute AND comfy. But I ended up buying some super expensive lace up tennis shoes (but I can’t link to the brand). 

The Best Apple Pie Recipe I’ve Got

Here’s my hands down fave way to use apples: Paper Bag Apple Pie. So ask for a paper bag at the grocery and make this. ASAP. You’ll thank me later:-)

Hope you have a glorious week. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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