Let’s Talk: Help for Hurting Feet with Kristy McKinney


Help for hurting feet.

Foot pain~whether chronic or acute~ can feel debilitating.  In this episode of The SavvyCast, Kristy McKinney joins me to discuss how to assess and remedy many types of foot pain. 

Who is Kristy McKinney?

Kristy, a certified Pilates instructor and master trainer, struggled with foot pain for almost 25 years. After immersing herself in the latest advancements in foot health, her feet are 100% pain-free.

Kristy received her “gait guru” education from Gait Happens with Drs. Conley and Perez. Kristy has participated in many case studies alongside physical therapists and clinicians and has learned how to accurately assess foot problems. Kristy is trained to examine foot movement patterns to zero in on the problem and provide a remedy customized for each client.

help for hurting feet
Kristy McKinney

Topics discussed in this podcast.

  • How heels in shoes can cause foot cramps and why do certain shoes lead to cramps
  • How shoes can lead us to be more unbalanced
  • Why is foot health important?
    • Turns out, 80-90% of elderly people fall due to a lack of big toe flexibility, so how can we help improve our foot health to prevent falling?
  • How Kristy assesses people’s foot health and how she can help you

Kristy is available to do virtual and in-person consults, so no matter where you are in the world, she can assist you!

Resources related to this podcast.

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