Let’s Talk How to Be Intellectually Attractive (the I in PIES)


PIES University founder Kimberly Beam Holmes joins The SavvyCast to talk about how to be intellectually attractive first to ourselves then to others.


intellectual attraction

First Become Intellectual Attractive to Myself

Before I focus on working on becoming intellectually attractive to someone else, I should start with myself. Am I happy with my level of intellectual growth? Am I learning, expanding, and becoming my best in the area of intelligence and wisdom? This is where we should all start. We should become intellectually attractive and be our best selves first for ourselves.

Next Become Intellectually Attractive to Others

Others are drawn to people with whom they feel an intellectual chemistry. You are intellectually attractive to someone who enjoys conversing with you and who feels challenged and stimulated by you.

Challenges to Intellectual Attraction in Marriage

When two people pursue totally separate interests and fail to find common areas of intellectual growth, it can be problematic.  It is helpful to spend time learning about our spouse’s interests just to stay connected with him or her on that level. It is also helpful to find at least one common area in which to grow together in the intellectual realm.

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