Let’s Talk: On the Bright Side with Melanie Shankle

New York Times best selling author Melanie Shankle joins The SavvyCast to talk family, favorite things, marriage, dogs, and her latest book On the Bright Side. A must-listen episode!

Melanie Shankle The SavvyCast
Melanie Shankle

Who is Melanie Shankle?

Melanie is a New York Times bestselling author of 8 books, host of The Big Boo Cast Podcast with Sophie Hudson, wife, mom, and the kind of gal you’d want for a BFF. Her instagram @melanieshankle is one of my faves. She is a skin care aficionado who shares fashion Friday finds on The Big Mama Blog. 

Melanie Shankle on The SavvyCast Podcast

My conversation with Melanie was chock full of anything and everything. We talked about her family, how she became an author, how she and Sophie met and started the podcast, and more. We also dive deep into some topics like sex in marriage, calling off engagements, fab skin care products, favorite recipes, and more.

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