Let’s Talk: Pandemic politics, power, and post COVID-19 elections.

Jordan Jones answers questions regarding politics during the pandemic, including how much power governors have, how it is kept in check, and how this pandemic might affect elections post-COVID 19.




Pandemics Politics Podcast

The pandemic and politics.

When a national crisis emerges, politics become center stage. Power is exerted by leaders on both the national and state level. Who is in charge? How much power do leaders have? How is it kept in check?

Jordan Jones, typically our enneagram expert, joins The SavvyCast to discuss all of the above.  He has spent years as an attorney in the state of Florida. He was also appointed to oversee voter fraud during the years of the infamous “hanging chads.” He is well grounded in constitutional law and how it applies to the handling of a national crisis.

Florida as an example.

Jordan shares why every presidential race “all eyes are on Florida.” He discusses how Florida’s constitution has affected how the state is governed, how votes are counted, and why during every national election “all eyes are on Florida.”

Gubernatorial power and state sovreignity.

Jordan explains how each state has its own constitution that determines how it operates. He discusses how the pandemic has raised questions about governors’ power, how broad it is, and how it can be challenged if necessary.

Some consequences of national crises’ past and present.

Fear has paralyzed people in the past and made them submit to leaders who they would not have otherwise. Dictators arise in times of crisis when a people are afraid and want someone to “take care of them.”

Voter suppression, voter fraud and the constitution.

Jordan discusses the views each side of the political spectrum (right and left) typically holds on voter suppression and voter fraud. He shares the importance of checks and balances, and he charges all of us to learn our constitution in order to protect our rights.

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