Let’s Talk: Parenting a Child with Autism

On this episode of The SavvyCast, Phil and Gretchen talk about parenting a child with autism~from the challenges to the special blessings.

parenting a child with autism
Phil & Gretchen Pickett

Phil and Gretchen’s Story

My friend Gretchen Pickett and her husband Phil join me on The SavvyCast to share a glimpse into their lives as parents of two sons, one of whom has autism. They share how they discovered that their son Reid, the firstborn, had autism. They share how autism affected Reid, how it affected them as a couple, and how it impacted the family. They also share the peace, acceptance, and blessings they enjoy as parents of a very special child.

parenting autistic child
Reid (in red), Jay, Phil & Gretchen Pickett

From challenges to opportunities

Gretchen and Phil share the many challenges during the early years of Reid’s life along with some new ones that are specific to a teenager with autism. They also share how a special teacher inspired them to find opportunities to turn Reid’s interests and talents into what is now a business. Yes, a BUSINESS! You will be amazed and inspired as you listen to what Reid is doing now. The photos and video below will share insight into how Reid’s childhood passion has turned into a business that will grown into who knows what.

A few takeaways from Reid’s story.

After interviewing Gretchen and Phil, I have some takeaways. First, God makes each child the way He intends them to be. Children with autism are challenging (as are all children); they are also a gift. Second, marriages can stay intact and even grow stronger if two people commit to God and to themselves to “stay together and stay strong.” Third, the sky is the limit when you give a child with autism a chance to use his or her passions and talents to do something productive. You will definitely be inspired when you listen to Reid’s story.

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parenting autism

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