Let’s Talk: Sex During Separation, a Controlling Spouse and More

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Marriage expert Dr. Joe Beam joins The SavvyCast podcast to answer questions regarding sex during separation, a controlling spouse, and behavior that is harmful to a marriage.

Dr. Joe Beam Answers Questions from Real People/Couples

Marriage expert and sexologist Dr. Joe Beam answers questions live each week on his podcast and You Tube (links below).  On this episode of The SavvyCast Podcast, I ask Joe 3 questions that he answered previously on his own podcast. Although Joe provides counsel from a social sciences perspective, his Christian world view is part of his counsel for those of us who want this perspective as well. 

How do I Respond to a Controlling Spouse?

Joe’s first question is from a caller whose wife tries to control his every move. She calls and texts throughout the day, tracks him on the phone, and berates him for being late. In his words, “she treats me more like a child than a spouse.”  Joe offers a starting point for healing that of course, would need to be supplemented with couples and individual counseling for ongoing healing and progress.

Should I Have Sex With My Separated Spouse?

The second question is from a man who wants to have sex with his wife during their separation. He wants to do this to avoid being tempted to seek sex outside of the marriage (which he wants to be restored). Joe has solid advice to this man as well as very helpful counsel of the topic of separation (and choosing a marriage counselor carefully).

What do I do about my spouse going to bars with single friends?

The third question posed to Joe is from a woman whose spouse goes out most nights of the week with single friends. Even though she has asked him to stay home and be with her, he chooses to continue this pattern. Joe offers his insight on how this couple can work toward a healthy solution to what he considers an unhealthy pattern in marriage.

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