Let’s Talk: Sex Trafficking and Trafficking Hope

In this episode of  The SavvyCast, we discuss sex trafficking, what it is, who is vulnerable, and how Trafficking Hope works to rescue women from sex slavery.


Discussing sex trafficking with Laura Domingue (left) and Amy Wagar (right) 

This episode of The SavvyCast is about sex trafficking. My guests are Laura Domingue, Founder of Trafficking Hope, and Amy Wagar, the Alabama Director of Trafficking Hope. Both women share information that is valuable for all of us to know if we want to be aware, informed, and equipped to address this problem.

What is Human Trafficking? 

Human trafficking is any work or services someone is made to perform by or provide by force, fraud, and/or coercion. Amy briefly describes the various types of trafficking that exist:

  • forced labor,
  • domestic servitude,
  • child soldiering,
  • organ trafficking,
  • debt bondage, and
  • sex trafficking.

What is sex trafficking?

Sex trafficking is the crime of using force, fraud or coercion to induce another individual to sell sex. In this podcast, you will hear stories of real girls and women who fell prey to this insidious crime. You will also hear why every woman is vulnerable.

Who can be sex trafficked?

Sex trafficking happens to all ages. From children younger than age one to older adults with advanced degrees. Girls, women, boys, and men are all sex trafficked. 

Is sex trafficking specific to one socioeconomic status?

Sex trafficking can happen to anyone in any socioeconomic bracket. Laura shares a story about a girl from an upper income family who was coerced into sex traffiking.

What is Trafficking Hope?

Trafficking Hope uses a holistic approach to combating human trafficking. They use a multi-faceted approach~C.A.R.E.S. (COALITION, AWARENESS, RESCUE, EDUCATION, SERVICES). You can learn more about the organzation, what it does, and how you can help here. 

Sex Trafficking-- Hope

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