Let’s Talk: Spicy Hamburger Vegetable Soup


In this episode of The SavvyCast podcast, I share my recipe and tips + tricks for this Spicy Hamburger Vegetable Soup. It is a crowd-pleasing soup that your family will love!!!

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Some recipes are better “talked through” over the fence, on the phone, or in person. This spicy hamburger vegetable soup is one of those recipes, so I decided to talk through it on this episode of The SavvyCast. If you don’t want to listen, you can jump straight to the recipe on this blogpost with the recipe.

hamburger vegetable soup


Soup weather is here, so I decided to “talk through” one of my favorite soups and most popular recipes~Spicy Hamburger Vegetable Soup. It is a hearty, savory, meat & potatoes soup that gets a spicy kick with some of my secret ingredients.

Link to the Spicy Hamburger Vegetable Soup 

The Best Spicy Hamburger Vegetable Soup Ever!

Tips I Share on making Spicy Hamburger Vegetable Soup

  • Exactly how to brown the “hamburger meat”  for the best flavor & color.
  • How and why it is best to saute onion separately (not with the ground beef).
  • How to make your beef broth richer with beef bouillon or beef base.
  • My favorite potato hack for this recipe and how it keeps you from peeling & cutting potatoes.
  • Why potatoes and carrots should always be “steamed to tender” before adding to any soup.
  • My favorite ways to steam potatoes and carrots.
  • My favorite way to eat this soup.
  • Canned green beans vs frozen (I have a clear opinion).
  • Frozen onion vs fresh? (Again, I have a clear opinion).
  • Why long, low and slow is always best when making soup(s).

Links to other soups discussed in the podcast.

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