2. Let’s Talk The Enneagram Type Eight


What an Enneagram Type 8 Looks Like

Enneagram type 8’s are known as the “challengers” and can often be misunderstood. Jamie sits down with Jordan Jones, who asks her questions about what it is like being an Enneagram 8. Some traits of an 8, confirmed by Jamie, are as follows:

  • An 8 considers “sparring” a type of intimacy or engagement. A good heated discussion does not bother an 8; in fact, he or she enjoys it.
  • Because 8’s have high energy and also are very direct, they may be off-putting to some people. Some family members have told Jamie that she can come across as “yelling” because her tone can be so strong.
  • Being a Southern woman and a Christian AND an 8 can be difficult. Jamie Talks about this in this episode.
  • An unhealthy 8 is difficult to be around; a healthy 8 will fight for everyone~especially the underdog, to the end.
  • An Enneagram 8’s worst fear is being controlled. 

The conversation with Jamie will shed some light on what it feels like to be an 8 and hopefully help others understand how an 8 thinks, feels, and appears to others.

Our listeners can contact Jordan Jones by email at fifthletterllc@gmail.com or visit his twitter @fifthletterllc for more details.

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  1. Hey there! You might want to put a note somewhere in the post acknowledging that Jordan got the integration and disintegration numbers backwards. Eights integrate to Two, disintegrate to Five.

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