Let’s Talk: What You Should Know About Starting a Podcast

On this week’s episode of The SavvyCast, Chris Bailey shares what you need to know about  starting a podcast. He shares the essential equipment and software you’ll need, how to choose your niche, and ways to grow your audience.


Questions to ask yourself before starting a podcast.

Before deciding whether to start a podcast, you should ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why do I want to start a podcast?
  • How often am I planning to post (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)?
  • What is my topic and niche? Who will be my target audience?
  • Will I have guests or podcast solo (or both)?

Essential equipment to start a podcast.

Chris shares the essential equipment needed to start a podcast: a good microphone,  a good pair of head phones to plug into your laptop, a good laptop, and a zoom recorder (if you want to record on a SD card).

Essential software for a podcast.

  • A platform to record remotely. Jamie uses Squadcast.
  • A platform to push podcasts to iTunes, Spotify, or other places you want to share.

Resources related to this podcast.

I hope this podcast is helpful in helping you decide if podcasting is right for you. Thanks so much for listening to The SavvyCast. If you would rate, review, and subscribe here on iTunes, I would be most grateful!!!

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