Living a Full Life with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

On this episode of The SavvyCast,  my friend Suzanne Bailey shares how she lives a full and wonderful life despite having both fibromyalgia and lupus. Her story is inspiring, informative, and useful for anyone who might be struggling with either of these autoimmune disorders.

Things you’ll learn in this podcast

  • Diet, exercise, and vitamins are key components of Suzanne’s daily routine and management of both lupus and fibromyalgia.
  • Lupus attacks the nerves, lungs, and joints. Foot pain can also be an issue. Suzanne has found that body strengthening several times a week helps tremendously with all of these issues.
  • Regular massages, stretching sessions, and Epsom salt baths are helpful after workouts.
  • Walking, rowing, recumbent biking, and elliptical training are also helpful in managing symptoms of both disorders.
  • Suzanne also finds vitamin D2 and D3, rheumate (a B vitamin), zinc, and turmeric helpful.
  • Suzanne has recently added a few prescription medications to help when needed.
Living with Lupus Suzanne Bailey
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Lupus manifests differently in everyone, so it is important to work closely with your doctor for the best protocol to manage your illness. Communication and honesty are key to finding the best treatment.  Suzanne wants everyone to know that these two conditions don’t have to define you or your quality of life.

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