Making Homemade Chicken Stock From A Rotisserie Chicken

Making homemade chicken stock from a rotiserie chicken is easy and economical, and it is far tastier than anything store bought.

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A rule of thumb when enjoying rotisserie chicken is NEVER throw the carcass away! Rotisserie chicken stock is super easy to make, and it can be frozen for months. Not only is is wonderful to have on hand for soups and casseroles, but it is FAR yummier, richer, and tastier than any store bought broth.

This is my basic recipe for rotisserie broth, but it changes based on what is in my fridge. Onion and garlic are constants, but carrots, celery, herbs, and other additions are added if I have them handy.

After pulling all meat from the rotisserie chicken, you will have the “carcass”- a wonderful heap of bones, fat, skin, and cartilage. Stock gets its richness from bone; broth does not require bone but is not as rich or flavorful.

My Recipe for Rotisserie Chicken Stock Season the rotisserie carcass with sea salt and ground pepper; set aside. Heat a few TB extra virgin olive oil in a pan. Throw entire carcass into the hot oil, and stir the pieces around to get slightly browned, glazed pieces. These will release tons of flavor.

Add a cut up onion, a spoonful of minced garlic (or several cloves of fresh), a handful of celery tops, a few carrots, and 2-3 bay leaves. Add any preferred seasonings. I love Cavendar’s Greek seasoning, Jane’s Crazy Salt, and Nature’s Seasoning. Of course, a pinch of sugar – I add that to everything.

Fill pot with water to cover. Simmer on the stove top for  at least half an hour (longer is better). Let cool; pour through fine mesh strainer and discard solids. Make sure that you have a good fine mesh strainer. Not only does it catch all the carcass, but it will catch any small particles that you would not want in the final product.

discard solids after making stock


Put liquid in the fridge for several hours or overnight. Fat will rise to the top, harden, and be easily removed. Don’t worry about any fat that is not removed. Fat adds flavor, and the small amount that you can’t skim off won’t ruin your diet. After all, it is being dispersed throughout the entire batch of stock.



chicken stock with fat at the top


If you don’t have time to make your own stock, this post can help you find the top rated brands at the grocery. Stay tuned to see how I used this stock to make a FAB homemade tomato soup (also quick, easy, healthy, and delish).

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