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Zane and I share a passion for helping marriages. Through years of having availed ourselves of myriad marriage resources, we now have an arsenal of those that we consider “the best of the best.” Although The Holy Bible is the standard through which any resource we use must be filtered, we are thankful that many of God’s servants have developed practical how-to’s that address very specific situations that arise in many marriages.

Unfortunately, many of the calls we get are for marriages in crisis. These situations are precarious, and it is extremely important to know how to walk alongside and minister to a couple whose marriage is on the brink of divorce. We have learned much about helping crisis marriages, and for that, we owe many thanks to a man named Joe Beam.

Joe Beam has devoted his life and career to saving marriages. No one knows more about how to restore a marriage on the brink than does Joe. Not only has his own marriage been restored (he and his wife Alice were divorced and later remarried), but his books, seminars, workshops, and intensives have saved countless marriages.  Zane and I know many of these couples personally, and we include ourselves in this count as well. We recommend Joe because we know firsthand how powerful his ministry is.

Zane and I have known Joe for years, and when we are helping a couple in a crisis situation, he is our first recommendation.  You can read about Joe and his ministry at His work has reached couples across the globe, and he is recognized nationally as a marriage expert.

For a couple with serious marital issues, his marriage intensive is second to none. There is usually one every month in Nashville, TN, but interested couples can call to see what is available and when.  Zane and I went to a marriage intensive years ago (and they are even better today), and it literally took our marriage from one end of the spectrum to the other. It not only saved our marriage, but it took us to a place of oneness that we had never before experienced. Thanks in large part to Joe, we now have a heart to help other marriages. We believe, as Joe says often, that “any marriage can be lost, but any marriage can also be saved.”

The marriage intensive is an entire weekend and is what some might consider “expensive.” But Zane and I emphatically tell everyone that we know who needs this intensive, “it is worth every penny and is much less expensive than a divorce.”

You can link below to read some of Joe’s articles that share specific ways to handle issues that are often taking place during marriage crisis, particularly infidelity.

Joe’s advice to those trying to help save a marriage after an affair:

Step by step process for doing an intervention:

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