Men can get Breast Cancer Too: Talking with a Male Breast Cancer Survivor

Jim and Wendy Coupland shared Jim’s battle with breast cancer in this week’s episode. While many people may typically think of breast cancer as something women suffer from, Jim’s story is proof that breast cancer can affect everyone. 

Episode At A Glance: 

This week on The SavvyCast, Jim and Wendy Coupland joined me to share Jim’s breast cancer story. Their daughter, Finlay Coupland, is the social media manager & podcast editor for Family Savvy. After I heard about their experience through Finlay, I knew the Couplands’ story needed to be shared! 

After battling breast cancer, Jim Coupland is now cancer-free and living a vibrant life with his wife Wendy.

Jim’s Battle With Breast Cancer: 

After noticing a spot on the right side of his chest, Jim mentioned it to his doctor. Since it was not bothering him, Jim’s doctor said it was probably just a cyst and was not concerning unless it began to bother him or get bigger. However, over the course of three years, Jim’s doctor noticed the spot changing and decided to have it surgically removed, still thinking it was just a cyst. That being said, no one expected the pathologist to call back saying that Jim had breast cancer. After hearing this, Jim and Wendy went to UAB where they found out that Jim had Stage 2 breast cancer. Jim had a lumpectomy and then began his 20 rounds of radiation treatment. Thankfully, Jim’s treatments worked and he is now cancer-free. Today he lives a full, vibrant life and is on medication to help prevent the cancer from returning.

Questions We Answered In This Podcast:

  • How did Jim discover he had breast cancer? 
  • What are the different stages of cancer? 
  • Is there a difference between a mastectomy for men and for women?
  • Did Jim experience any side effects during his radiation treatment? 
  • What was it like for Wendy to walk through this process as a wife and mom?
  • How did Jim get breast cancer? 

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