My Favorite Cuddl Duds, Scarves & Beanies and Where to Buy Them

Here are my favorite Cuddl Duds and where to buy them so that you (and your man) can stay warm, cozy, and stylish at the same time.

leopard scarf
My fave leopard scarf set

Update: I’ve been asked to share where I got my leopard scarves and beanie (photo above), so I link to them below. I wear them with turtlenecks and my Cuddl’ Duds warm wear tops. They go with everything and are so cute, warm & cozy!!!

  • Leopard Print Scarf. My favorite scarf with pink leopard dots (found here on Amazon) comes in myriad patterns. It is reversible, and the fabric is super soft and cozy. I love the length, and it never looks or feels bulky.
  • Leopard Print Beanie. I love this beanie! It has perfect stretch and always stays put. The fabric is soft & stretchy. The beanie comes in many patterns, but the grey leopard is my fave.
  • Leopard Print Glove & Hat. I love this set because it goes with literally everything. The gloves and beanie are white/ivory with black leopard spots. 

2020 is a year to be “comfy at home.”

If anything, 2020 is the year for everyone to find the best ways to stay warm, cozy, and comfortable.  Stay at home has made most of us search for ways to make our homes more comfortable.  From cooking comfort food to making home improvements to investing in loungewear and athleisure…….most of us are trying to really hone in on “home sweet home.”  For me, lounging at home in warm comfy clothes has become the norm, so I am well equipped to share my favorite tried and true pieces!

Cuddl Duds are warm, comfy, and cute.

If you are always cold (as am I), you likely have and love Cuddl Duds. I have a dedicated drawer to hold the whole selection that I wear almost on a daily basis. The thing that I like about Cuddl Duds is that they are warm (like a second skin), comfy (soft with stretch), and cute (able to be dressed up or down).

Cuddl Duds are true to size.

Cuddle Duds are true to size as far as extra small, small, medium, and large goes. Cuddl Duds has stretch, so the fabric is very forgiving and gives room for margin. I wear a small, and I have plenty of room to spare if I put on a few pounds. 

Cuddl Duds come in different styles, colors & prints.

I have worn Cuddl Duds for 20+ years, and I have tried every style and own myriad colors and prints. Here is a breakdown of my faves.

  • Soft wear with stretch. This style is the “signature” of Cuddl Duds. You can get this style of tops in crew neck, v-neck, and turtleneck. I have crew necks and turtlenecks that I sleep in and layer for going out.
  • Thermal pants. I have a few pairs of thermal pants to wear with soft wear tops. They are more like P.J.’s, whereas soft wear bottoms are not modest enough to wear around people other than family.
  • Cheetah print & basic black. My favorite print is the cheetah print, and my favorite color is black. It goes with everything and is a layering essential. I have several black crew and turtleneck tops and bottoms. I have a cheetah crew and turtleneck tops and bottoms.
  • Deep red. The deep red software that I am wearing in the photos has been a favorite for me this holiday. I wear these to sleep and lounge in, and I also wear the top as a festive layering piece. 

My favorite Cuddl Duds and where to buy them.

Below are all of my favorite Cuddl Duds and where to buy them.

Cuddl Duds for men.

Cuddl Duds makes pajama sets for men that are great looking. The sets below are all on their way to my house to give as gifts to my husband and son-in-law.

Do you have Cuddl Duds? If you try them, I’d love to hear what you think!!! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, stay warm, and stay savvy!!!

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