My Favorite Recipes for Christmas That Are Easy to Make Ahead


I’m sharing my favorite recipes for Christmas that are easy to make ahead and always a hit with family and friends.

spinach bacon gruyere quiche

I love love love make-ahead recipes, especially during the holidays! When my freezer and fridge are full of casseroles, cakes, quiches, pies and marinaded meat, I am in hospitality heaven:-) Even drop-in company is welcome if I know I have food to pull out as needed.

Below is a list of what I make most every year just before the holidays. In fact most everything on the list below is already made, frozen, and ready to roll starting next week.

Since all of these make-ahead dishes are for entertaining, I am bypassing the easy and disposable aluminum pans for freezer to oven to table baking dishes.  My fave dishes to make/freeze/bake ziti, tetrazzini or any breakfast casserole are this Emile Henry and/or this Le Creuset. I chose white, but there are other colors available. Both brands are solid and built to withstand extremes in heat and cold.

Favorite Christmas Dinner Mains

We have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner in our home, and I consider the recipes below some of my “go-to” main dishes. The pasta dishes are excellent when we choose to do an “Italian style” meal. The beef tenderloin is a more elegant (and expensive) option.  The links below take you to the blog post with details on how to make each recipe and how to prepare it ahead of time.

Best Baked Ziti Ever

Favorite Christmas Desserts

Christmas desserts are typically a bit more indulgent than those we might make every day. I have listed four favorites of ours below. All are delicious and decadent. Each one can be made ahead to some degree, and details are in the podcast or in the blog post for each recipe.

red velvet cak

Favorite Christmas Breakfast Recipes


holiday ham & cheese quiche

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