My Favorite Peach Tea, Beauty Products, and No-Salt Seasoning

This week I’m sharing my favorite tea, favorite beauty products, and the best no-salt seasoning I’ve ever had!

peach tea


The BEST peach tea EVER.

If you want to learn how to make the peach tea that is ALWAYS in our fridge, watch the video below. We all are obsessed with it. I add Pom juice to make it exotic. It is AWESOME.


Beauty Q & A this week.

This week, I did a podcast answering questions about my favorite beauty products, procedures, and skin care. You can listen below or on iTunes (or your favorite platform). To link to the products, just go the shownotes. To find it all, click here on Here are the Beauty Products I Love + My Skin Care Routine. To see my review of the new lip filler, check out this post on Kysse.

favorite beauty products


The BEST No-Salt Seasoning EVER.

best no-salt seasoning Saks

I am a huge salt lover, but Zane & I are trying to cut down. I found a no-salt spice that honestly is amazing. Read all about it and see where to buy in this blog post.

I hope this post is helpful, and I hope you are doing well this week and month. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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