My Favorite Easter Recipes and How You Can Make Them Ahead


Here are my favorite Easter recipes and how you can make them ahead for a relaxing Easter Sunday with your family and friends!

white table ware

My favorite Spring and Easter meal recipes.

I love sharing my favorite holiday menus with friends and followers. I’ve always been one for traditional holiday menus with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure! My favorite traditional Easter meal is below. You can click on any link to go directly to the recipe. Many of the recipes are accompanied by a video tutorial or tips + tricks for making the recipe easier. I hope you find something that you can make for your family.

What is a typical Easter meal?

There isn’t really a guidebook when it comes to what you should eat on Easter. But when thinking of an Easter meal, ham is a staple. This brown sugar spiral ham recipe is a perfect addition to your Easter spread! With all of these recipes, you are sure to have a wonderful assortment for your Easter meal. 

Can most of these dishes be made beforehand? 

Yes! Most of these dishes can be prepared beforehand. That way you can enjoy church and come home to an almost ready meal. This is so helpful because it minimizes time in the kitchen on Easter, you can spend it with your family instead!

Will these recipes work for large numbers of people?

Absolutely! These recipes have something for everybody in the family, with a wide range of sides to choose from. And if you’re having an extra-large crowd, you can always double the recipe to make sure everybody can have a portion.

What can you do with these leftovers?

If you have any food leftover after the family leaves, you don’t have to waste any of it! These recipes make the yummiest leftovers, and you have a lot of options of what to do with them. For example, you can use the leftover ham in ham sliders for a delicious lunch option. The roasted lamb is also wonderful in sliders as well, there isn’t a limit to these leftover options!

Watch me make my favorite buttercream frosting.

In the video below, I make my favorite buttercream frosting with a “secret ingredient” that makes it taste like it came from a bakery!!

Watch the video of how to frost a “naked cake.”

If you want to make a lovely EDIBLE centerpiece, give this white cake with buttercream frosting a try. It is the cake listed above in the photos with the crown. In the video below, I show how to frost it to make an easy and lovely “naked cake” that needs nothing else to make it beautiful.

My favorite white Spring table decor.

white tableware


Link to my white vases and tableware below.

I’ve been a fan and collector of white tableware for years, and my newest picks are my favorite to date. Because I share so many cooking videos on Instagram stories, many followers DM me about my white tableware. I made a video showcasing my new favorite pieces, and you can watch that below. You can also find links to most of the products as well.

I have every item listed in the boutique below, so if you have questions feel free to leave comments. As always, thanks so much for stopping by.  Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this!! I followed your Easter plan and everything turned out great!! I appreciate you sharing! It was incredibly helpful!

  2. Hi Kathy!!! Thank you SO much for the comment! There was a glitch, but I think it is fixed now!!! Please LMK if it still has issues. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recipe and have a blessed Easter!!!

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