Let’s Talk: Eating & Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Melanie Roberson

My friend Melanie Roberson (@melshealthymeals) shares how she chooses healthy foods, cooks whole food meals, and exercises her body and spirit to live her best life.

Melanie Roberson

Who is Melanie Roberson?

Melanie Roberson lives in Hattiesburg, MS, with her husband John, a maxillofacial surgeon. She has two college children and is making the most of an empty nest.   Melanie’s Instagram @melshealthymeals is one of my favorites, as she inspires me with her meals, her love of exercise, and her strong faith and positive outlook on life.

Why Melanie is so committed to a healthy lifestyle.

When in college, Melanie gained the “Freshman 15,” developed high cholesterol, and simply didn’t feel good about herself. When her doctor told her he was putting her on statins, she asked for time to make lifestyle changes. She did, and she never looked back. Her cholesterol is perfect, and she is on no medication.

Melanie’s grocery routine.

Melanie buys tons and tons of produce; she eats the rainbow! She lives in a small town with limited grocery outlets (no Whole Foods), so she has some favorite ways to get fresh, healthy food to her table.

  • Melanie buys produce locally from Farmer’s markets and grocery stores.
  • Melanie purchases many favorite products from Thrive Market.
  • She buys seafood online from Sizzlefish. What she doesn’t cook that week she freezes.
  • The middle aisle of the grocery store is a no to Melanie. She doesn’t stock up on packaged foods or snacks.

Melanie Roberson

Things we discuss in this Podcast

  • Melanies’ favorite “sweet tooth” indulgence.
  • Melanie’s tips for uncommonly loved veggies (rutabaga & turnip roots).
  • Why Melanie is doing the  “75Hard Challenge” and what she has learned.
  • How Melanie became consistent in her exercise routine.
  • How she spends quiet time consistently with God and her husband.

Resources mentioned in this podcast.

  • Thrive Market (Melanie loves the Tessie Mae’s dressing, Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce, spices & more)
  • Sizzlefish (Melanie orders seafood from here~scallops, wild-caught fish, etc….)
  • Butcher Box (Melanie orders all her meat from here).

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