Here is My Pick for the Best No-Salt Seasoning Ever


Here is my pick for the best no-salt seasoning ever~hands down (from someone who loves salt)! 

Why reduce sodium?

There are many reasons to reduce or eliminate sodium. If you are diagnosed with heart or kidney problems, your doctor will likely advise you to eliminate or reduce sodium.  If you are trying to lose weight or simply adopt a healthier diet, you will likely choose to reduce sodium. 

Searching for a no-salt spice.

Zane and I decided that we need to start reducing our salt intake in midlife. Although neither of us has high blood pressure or any condition requiring a low-sodium diet, we know it would be beneficial for us to cut back. Trying to find a no-salt spice that actually adds flavor can be a challenge.  Many of the most available ones are, in my opinion, tasteless and add nothing to the flavor of food. Thankfully, I found one that fits the bill perfectly~Dak’s spices.

What are DAK’s Spices?

DAK’s Spices is a family-owned company in Birmingham, AL, that provides delicious seasonings without ANY salt.  They currently offer 20 different spice blends to choose from. You’ll find spices for everything from veggies to tacos to fish, meat, and more. For those on no-sodium or low-sodium diets, Dak’s spices are one of the best ways to add flavor without adding salt.

What is the story behind DAK’s Spices?

DAK’s stands for Drew and Karen’s Spices, and their story of what motivated them to start this business is truly inspiring. Sadly, Karen lost both of her parents to heart problems, and growing up Karen noticed her parents always having a hard time finding salt-free options that tasted good. So, the DAK’s blends were born! However, it wasn’t until Drew and Karen got together that they decided to sell the blends. It is truly so amazing how they have come together to help others with low sodium diets—they are changing the game!

Dak's spices
Drew & Karen with daughter Graycen

How I Use DAK’s Spices

I use salt liberally in cooking and seasoning our food, but I am trying to reduce the amount to help us achieve a healthier diet. I have found Dak’s the perfect seasoning to use in place of some of the salt I was using. In some recipes, I use half salt and half Daks, and the flavor is still amazing. I have heard that those who exclusively use Dak’s spices have found it to be a fabulous flavor enhancer and salt substitute. 

DAK’s has 20 different no-salt spice blends, and I am eager to try them all.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you might’ve seen me use these blends: Nothin’ But Ranch, Original Red, Green Zest, and Taco Knight. Here are some GREAT ways you can incorporate these spices into your cooking. 

best no-salt seasoning Saks

Nothin’ But Ranch

This is DAK’s newest addition to their lineup, and it is actually my favorite. I’ve used an entire bottle in just a few weeks, as it goes with almost everything. Here are a few ways that I use it in our food.

  •  Add to cauliflower pizza crust. I sprinkle it in while mixing the crust so that the flavor bakes right in.
  • Sprinkle potatoes with it before roasting in extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Toss fresh cut veggies in EVOO, season with ranch and roast in the oven on 425 F.

Original Red

This is another blend that can go with a large variety of different foods, and it provides just a hint of spiciness. 

  • If you mix some of the Original Red in ketchup, it adds a nice little “kick” to it. If you like Red Robin’s spicy ketchup, this will be right up your alley!
  • Adds an awesome flavor when you shake some in your grilled cheese.
  • GREAT on any chicken~baked, roasted or sauteed.

Green Zest

This spice offers a great lemony, zesty flavor that doesn’t overpower.

  • Perfect for baked or grilled fish!
  • Adds good flavor to anything “green” and any veggies.
  • This would also go great on homemade pizza.

Taco Knight

You may have already recognized it in the name, but this is a great spice for adding a bit of Mexican flair to your food.

  • Sprinkling some Taco Knight seasoning onto my 5 Minute Guacamole recipe is perfect!
  • Use half Taco Knight with half taco seasoning to make taco meat with half the sodium.
  • Any Tex-Mex dish will get great flavor with Taco Knight.



best no-salt seasoning ever

While these are the only blends I’ve personally tried, some other blends that I’ve heard are FANTASTIC are the DAK’s Italian Blast and DAK’s Asian Zing. Those are next on my list to buy when I restock my spices.

Where to Buy or Learn More

If you would like to grab some of these spices for yourself, you can find DAK’s at your local Piggly Wiggly and select Publix locations. You can also order on their website, or here on Amazon! You can also follow @daksspices on Instagram.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or on Instagram (@family_savvy). As always, thank you for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!

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