Family Savvy Favorite Desserts



I am so delighted to share our favorite desserts with you! Desserts help us celebrate the sweetest moments in life from birthdays to new babies, and beyond! This ebook has over 20 recipes that are perfect for small gatherings and special occasions! Many blessings to you and yours!

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  1. Jamie Tarence

    Hi Sierra! I am not sure what desserts are in the ebook (not home to look it up) but here is the recipe for the strawberry bundt cake just in case!!!

    If you ever want to pull up any of my recipes, you can google “Family Savvy __________”and pull up almost anything!!! Hope the cake is a hit!

  2. Sierra Sanchez

    Thank you. I just really want that Strawberry Bundt cake recipe. I need it by tomorrow 02/13/22. Please get back to me asap I need to buy the ingredients. Thank you

  3. Jamie Tarence

    Hi Sierra! Let me check into this……I”ll get right back!

  4. Sierra Sanchez

    I am trying to purchase the dessert ebook but it won’t work. I want the strawberry cheesecake Bundt cake recipe you posted on TikTok

  5. Lynn Matheson

    Where can I find your recipe for Chuey’s ranch dip? I saw your video but the ingredient amounts were not clear! Thank you

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