Products I Love: BEST Spot/Stain Remover Ever!


BEST spot/stain remover EVER!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite products. This nondescript  bottle contains the BEST spot/stain remover that I have ever used.

I can’t recall where I learned about this remover, but it was years ago. It works better than any other stain remover that I have ever used, and I have tried most of them.

This is a staple in my cleaning cupboard, along with a good sturdy toothbrush. Scrubbing is imperative to make this work (although some spots seem to fade instantly as soon as this solution hits the stain).

Here is a white Michael Stars shirt with a big brown stain from a cafe mocha:





After saturating the stain with S-32, I scrubbed the area with a toothbrush for a few minutes, until the stain totally disappeared. Here is the shirt afterwards (but before washing):

The stain was totally gone! Coffee and chocolate (mocha) on a white shirt!

I have used this on virtually every stain imaginable, and in most cases (with lots of scrubbing for stubborn or set-in stains), it works like a charm.

I get this at Publix. You can find it on the top shelf in the cleaning aisle near the clothes detergents and stain removers.


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  1. Hi Mandi! It can be used on all of the above! You can go to Gator Chemical Company’s website and get more info, but I just bought two bottles and am reading the front of one right now. It is great stuff! Hope you are doing well!!!

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