Savvy Tips for Creating a Glamorous & Practical Office Space


If you need ideas for your own personal work space that is pretty AND usable, check out these savvy tips for creating a glamorous & practical office space.

Whatever your age or stage of life, if you are a woman, you can use these savvy tips for creating a glamorous & practical office space that will likely be your favorite spot in the home. Whether you are a young professional living alone or a mom with kids at home, it is wonderful to have your own space in which to work, reflect and relax.

I recently finished putting together my personal work space and decided to share some of the tips I learned in the process. My office is on the glam end of the spectrum~light, white and airy. If you like this style, you can hopefully use some of my ideas.

Savvy Tips for Creating a Glamorous & Practical Office Space

  1. Get near a window. This will make even a small corner space seem larger and more open.
  2. Think white, light and airy. This will give a space a crisp, clean look and feel.
  3. Add glam with gold accents. White looks fabulous with touches of gold~in hardware, lamps, or artwork.
  4. Check out Home Goods. The office section of Home Goods has great, inexpensive desk accessories.
  5. Invest in the desk. I waited months before buying my desk because it was a bit pricey. But I love it and will have it forever, so it was an investment. It is large, sturdy and practical while having the exact glam look that I wanted.
  6. Find outlets. Make sure outlets are near where the desk will be; otherwise, you may need to call an electrician to add one.
  7. Consider your chair. Custom is the route to go if you want a specific look and guaranteed comfort. I had a Parson’s chair made with wheels attached to the legs (hidden by the skirt). I love it.
  8. Add a piece of favorite art. My dear friend happens to be my favorite artist, so I put one of her paintings over my desk. Check out Deb’s lovely designs at 

I hope these tips are helpful for any of you who want to create a work space that you love. If you have ideas to share, please leave comments. As always, thanks so much for stopping by, and have a blessed & savvy day!!!

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