Sean Hiller Shares How to Stay Independent in Older Age with Personalized Fitness Training

In this episode, Licensed Physical Therapist Sean Hiller shares how fitness can “bullet-proof” the body.  Sean shares how the Master’s Performance program can help prevent future surgeries, heart disease, and so much more. 

Episode At A Glance:

This week, Sean Hiller comes back on the podcast to discuss Master’s Performance, which is a personalized fitness program at Vulcan Movement. He describes this plan as fitness training from a healthcare perspective. Sean shares how this plan has been transformative for many of his clients.

Who Is Sean Hiller?

Some of you may remember Sean Hiller from the Savvy cast episode, “When and Why PT is the Better Option Over Surgery.” Sean is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and CrossFit Level 1 Coach, and former Collegiate Athlete. He currently works as a Licensed Physical Therapist at Vulcan Physical Therapy. Sean is passionate about the benefits of personalized physical therapy and fitness and has seen firsthand how they have improved the health of his clients. Sean’s mission is to make the ground floor of healthcare fitness-oriented. Instead of walking into a doctor’s office when you are experiencing health issues, Sean’s goal is to use fitness as a preventative method before the health issues set in. For more conversations on proactive healthcare, be sure to check out Sean’s podcast, Impetus Health

What Is Master’s Performance? 

Masters Performance is a program specifically designed for aging adults. As we get older, our body starts to become less resilient and we are more prone to health problems. This science-backed program addresses the specific needs and weaknesses of each client. Clients undergo a physical assessment before they begin. In this assessment, Sean evaluated the client’s movement, morbidity, morbidity scales, cardiovascular system, and more. This program can help prevent everything from small nagging injuries to more serious health concerns. Sean has helped clients in their 50’s all the way to their 90’s live a more independent lifestyle! 

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