Some of My Favorite Easy & Healthy Weeknight Meals

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In this post, I’ll share my favorite easy & healthy weeknight meals with recipes, videos, and even a podcast to help you make these for YOUR family!!!

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Asian cedar planked salmon

Some of my favorite weeknight meals.

Do you have a few favorite meals that are your “go-to” during the week when you need an easy dinner for the family? I have a handful of those that I’ve made so many times that I can almost make them with my eyes closed. In this post, I share some of my tried and true meals with you. I link to recipes, video tutorials, and even a podcast.

These meals are easy and healthy.

These meals are all easy to make, and most of them are overall healthy. As with most meals, modifications for specific diets are easy to make. These meals, however, are just good, whole foods made family-friendly. The proteins are fish, chicken, turkey beans, and meatballs. There are lots of vegetables in these recipes~from skillet sauteed to oven-roasted to freshly chopped for bowls and tacos.

In the podcast, I talk about some of our favorites below.  If you want the recipes only, you can link to them at the end of the post.

  • Turkey Taco Meat (For bowls, burritos, and taco salad)
  • Flying Meatballs + Rao’s Marinara (served several ways)
  • White chili chicken. With or without beans, this makes fresh delicious bowls or a simple entree.
  • Sausage Vegetable Skillet. This can be Paleo or served with rice and/or potatoes.
  • Skillet fish. Saute a salmon filet and serve with roasted vegetables or my “Easy Kale Ceasar.”
  • Salmon patties. An oldie but goodie that I love (and serve with a very interesting side:-)


Some favorite products and tips.

  • In the podcast, I share my two favorite seasonings for vegetables.
  • I reveal my favorite meatballs and how to prepare them.
  • I show in a 2 minute video how to make the fabulous”Easy Kale Ceasar” that is healthy and delicious!

Recipes & videos of favorite meals.

Flying Meatball Burrata Melt

Easy Kale Ceasar Salad

White Chili Chicken 

Cajun Sausage & Vegetable One Skillet Meal

Crunchy Ramen Slaw with Asian Dressing  (add fish to make a meal)

crunchy ramen slaw


Skillet Fried Salmon Patties


salmon patties


Favorite products revealed in the podcast.

  • The Flying Meatballs
  • Rao’s Homemade Marinara
  • 3-lb Butterball (or Jenni-O) Ground turkey
  • Ken’s Steakhouse Ceasar Dressings: Creamy Original and Ceasar Light
  • Berbere and Curry

Links to recipes.

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