Stay dry (and look cute) when it rains with these wardrobe essentials.

It is easy to stay dry and look cute when it rains with these wardrobe essentials that are practical and stylish.


How to stay dry and stylish in rainy weather.

Since rainy days are a fact of life, having a few pieces of rainwear makes sense. Here are a few things that can not only keep you dry in a downpour but also stylish. If you have these on hand, you’ll be prepared for rain or shine!

rain jacket

Keep a rain jacket in the car.

I keep at least one lightweight rain jacket in my car to use when the rain comes unexpectedly. My leopard rain jacket below is unlined and so lightweight that I can literally stick it in my purse if rain threatens and I want to be prepared. Since it has a hood with a drawstring, I don’t worry about carrying an umbrella. Almost any hooded rain jacket with a hood will keep you perfectly dry~no umbrella needed.

What to look for in a good rain jacket.

When it comes to a good rain jacket, the devil is in the details. A hood is a must for me, and a detachable hood is even better for the times I might want to go without. Buttons and a belt are details that make a rain jacket a bit more stylish.  I also look for something to cinch the waist of any rain jacket or coat. If there are no buttons, the little elastic pulls that cinch the waist are a great alternative. Finally, the color, pattern, and quality of the material will tend to be better in the higher end rainwear.

rain jacket


Consider one high-quality rain jacket.

I invested in a tailored, high-quality rain jacket a few years ago and have never regretted it. The more tailored and structure a rain jacket, the more you will typically pay. Trench coats often come in weatherproof fabric and can be worn for any occasion~rain or shine.  

rain jacket women

Buy rain boots that are cute + functional.

Rain boots have come a long way since the days of the tall Hunter rain boots that are bulky and less than comfortable. There are so many cute and comfy rain boots available today. I prefer the shorter booties that are more like shoes, as I find it hard to drive or walk long distances in tall rain boots. I link below to some of my current favorite rain boots and rain jackets. 

I hope you find some rainwear that you love. If so, I’d love to hear from you!!! As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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