TCA With Jessner’s Solution: A Chemical Peel That Gets The Job Done


Dr. Herzog continues her discussion of various chemical peels.  She first discussed The Potential Hazards of At Home Chemical Peels. She then offered helpful advice in Which Acids Are Best For At Home Peels. In today’s post, she shares her favorite in-office peel and one which she considers quite effective.

Dr. JoLast week, we discussed peels that could safely be used at home. When done correctly, you can get some improvement. However, none of these will give you a sizable improvement in a short amount of time, nor are they risk free.

 My recommendation for any significant peel is for those that are well controlled and done in a doctor’s office, preferably administered by or at least supervised by a doctor.

My favorite “real peel” is a 20% or 25% 
TCA with Jessner’s solution combo followed by appropriate management depending on your particular need (wrinkles, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, etc.). This peel is aggressive enough to eliminate fine wrinkles, improve sun damage, improve some scars, and lighten a lot of hyper-pigmentation. You will also get some collagen production when the peel is deep enough. These peels will give your skin a smoother, fresher look.

Of course, these peels are not without their down side.

 More aggressive peels give more results but are associated with more risk. That is why these peels should not be done at home or by anyone without a lot of experience. The doctor will have to know what you have been doing to your skin and advise you about what to do with your skin after the peel.

TCA peels get the job done, but because of their depth, they can be associated with infection and unwanted changes in pigmentation. This is rare when done by an experienced provider and cared for with appropriate post-peel procedures.

The sun must be avoided as these peels heal. There is no true down time with a 20-25% peel, but you will not look great for 7-10 days after, so you should not do these when planning a special event or date. 

If you are wanting to get a significant peel, this is the way to go; however, make sure that the timing is right and that you see an experienced physician.

Hope this helps shed some light on peels. As always, feel free to contact me through Family Savvy if you have specific topics or questions that you would like for me to address. Take care.

Dr. Jo

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