The 8 Things That Take Married Sex From Good to Great

Marriage expert and sexologist Dr. Joe Beam shares 8 things that can take sex (in marriage) from good to great.

married sex from good to great


The SavvyCast Podcast: Dr. Joe Beam on Making Good Married Sex Great

In this episode of the SavvyCast, Dr. Joe Beam shares results from a leading sexology study on what components can turn “good enough sex” into “great sex.”

Dr. Beam shares from his perspective as a leading marriage expert, sexologist, and Christian. He explains that the following 8 components can make a married couple’s sex go from good to great.

Statistics on Married Sex

Joe Beam shares results of one study showing that sex is a problem in many marriages. In this study, 3% of married couples have never had sex. 20% have “no sex” marriages defined as less than 1 time per month. 15% have a “low sex” marriage defined as having sex 2 times per month or less.

Married Women Often Have Guilt About Enjoying Sex

Some women, particularly those raised in the church and perhaps in the South, have guilt or shame surrounding sex. Unless they were exposed to healthy, candid conversation about the why, when, and how surrounding sex, they can have inhibitions in their marriages.

8 Things That Turn Good Enough Sex Into Great Sex

In the podcast, Joe Beam goes into detail about the following 8 things that make good sex great sex (in marriage).

  1. Ultimate pleasure.
  2. Mutual pleasure.
  3. Emotional intimacy.
  4. Extraordinary communication.
  5. Being real.
  6. Ultimate transformation.
  7. Fun exploration.
  8. Amazing confidence.
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