The Best Ways to Cook Chicken, Build a Charcuterie and More

This week I share some of the best ways to cook chicken, build a fabulous charcuterie board, and more.

The best ways to cook chicken.

The best ways to build a charcuterie board.

To me, the best way to build a charcuterie board is having someone tell me EXACTLY what to buy and how to arrange it on a board. I don’t have any desire to stand in front of the cheese counter and decide what to put on a board; that makes my head spin!! Thankfully, my friend Marie Marino shared her best charcuterie board with me. She gave me all the goods, so that I can easily build a board with no thinking and no stress. Best of all, I am sharing all of this with YOU!!! Here goes…..

How to Make This Fab Charcuterie Board (Step By Step)

For a beautiful charcuterie with meats, cheeses, fruit and extras that everyone will love, here is my favorite.

enneagram 7 podcast
Marie makes the best charcuterie!
  • Marie talks me through building a board and shares her best tips in this podcast (shopping list is in the show notes here). You can listen to this and any episode of The SavvyCast on iTunes or your favorite podcast platform.
  • You can visit this blog post where I show Marie’s go-to board with an ingredient list.

For a savory, fun, easy, “anyone can make it” board, make a redneck charcuterie. I write about how I make one and include a video in my blog post, How to make an Alabama Style Redneck Charcuterie Board. It is so yummy; everyone loves it!!! See a photo below.

Alabama pimento cheese tray


My favorite appliances and how I use them.

Fall is upon us, so I did a podcast about my favorite appliances. These are the workhorses that help me cook for small groups, family gatherings, tailgates, and holidays. I couldn’t live without them. Listen to the podcast here and link to the appliances in this post

4 must have kitchen appliances
One of my favorite appliances……


Let’s Talk: Q & A with Congressman Gary Palmer 

It is election year, so that is all we see or hear on the media. Family Savvy followers submitted questions to Congressman Gary Palmer. He answered them in this podcast. He has served during two presidents and knows a great deal about what is happening “on the hill.” It was one of my favorite episodes, so I hope you’ll listen!! The SavvyCast podcast is on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio and all major platforms.

I hope your summer ended well and your Fall is spectacular. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

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