The Easiest and Best Gluten-Free Spinach Artichoke Pizza

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If you are looking for a healthier, gluten-free spinach artichoke pizza that is also easy to make, then this is the recipe for you! This unique recipe also adds a little bit of flavor to your traditional pizza, making it a fun dish to add to the mix. 

This recipe is SO delicious and is so easy to make. Pre-made Against the Grain gluten-free crust along with yummy spinach artichoke dip from Trader Joe’s on a pizza will not disappoint! Undoubtedly, it is such a great option when you do not have a lot of time to make dinner. Also for when you do not want all of those added carbs and bad fats that you would get from ordering a pizza out.


What is the best cheese for spinach artichoke pizza?

In my opinion, the more types of cheese, the better. To begin, I added fresh mozzarella (the kind that comes in water). Following, I added shredded mozzarella, parmesan, and an Italian blend. After adding the fresh mozzarella, I sprinkled the other cheeses on. While you can add however much cheese (or whatever kind) you want, this blend is SO delicious and is a perfect combination with the spinach artichoke dip.

What kind of crust is the best?

Personally, I choose the Against the Grain cheese shell as the crust for my pizza. Not only is it gluten-free, but it is delicious and adds more cheesy flavor. This crust is perfect because it is also certified free from soy, grains, corn, and nuts. If you have allergies or dietary needs (or you just like a flour-free crust!) then you should definitely check out this yummy pizza crust. 

How should you layer a spinach artichoke pizza?

In the same way that you add sauce to a pizza first, you add the Trader Joe’s spinach artichoke dip first. After spreading it on like sauce, then you can start adding some of your toppings. Once done with the dip, I add sautéed spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and then cheese to my heart’s content. 

How do you sauté the spinach?

I sauté the spinach with extra virgin olive oil in a pan. You can eye the spinach and stop sautéing when you see fit. With just two ingredients and a very low cook time, you should not have any problems sautéing the spinach for this recipe. If you would rather, you can replace the sautéed spinach for raw spinach, whatever your preference is!

spinach artichoke pizza

Should you pre-bake the pizza crust?

Pre-baking the Against the Grain pizza crust is not necessary. Amazingly, you can pull the crust right out of the freezer to begin layering! Just another reason to love this pizza crust!

How do you know when the pizza is done cooking?

To start off, put the pizza on the Pellet grill at 400 degrees. You should be able to tell that it is done when the cheese is melted on top of the spinach artichoke dip and the edges of the crust begin to brown. Once that happens, it should be ready to go!

Watch Me Make Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Let me know how you enjoy this fabulous dish in the comments below. As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Be blessed and stay savvy!!!

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Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Spinach Artichoke Pizza

A delicious and gluten free specialty pizza


  • Against the Grain Cheese Shell
  • Trader Joes Spinach Artichoke Dip
  • Spinach Sautéed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sun-dried Tomatoes
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Shredded Mozzarella
  • Shredded Parmasean
  • Italian Blend Cheese


  1. Pull you Against the Grain cheese shell out of the freezer
  2. Get out the spinach artichoke dip and mircowave for 15 seconds
  3. Once mircowaved, spread it on to the crust like you would with pizza sauce
  4. Add sautéed spinach to your liking
  5. Sprinkle on sun-dried tomatoes
  6. Break the fresh mozzarella into pieces and add it on to the pizza
  7. Sprinkle on more shredded mozzerella, parmasean and Italian blend
  8. Place it on the Pellet grill at 400 degress
  9. Remove once chesse has melted and the edges of the crust has browned


This Against the Grain Pizza crust is grain free, nut free and soy free!

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