These Timeless Dresses (and Shoes) Will Keep You “Special Occasion” Savvy

If you prefer to keep a well-stocked closet to avoid last minute outfit shopping, any of these timeless dresses (and shoes) will keep you “special occasion” savvy.


timeless dresses and shoes that will keep you "special occasion" savvy
Tessa by Dress the Population

Being in a family of 4 four girls, I have no choice but to shop wisely for special occasion dresses.

First, it would be a nightmare to shop last minute for dresses, shoes and accessories for all four of us. Second, last minute shopping usually is never the most budget savvy option. Almost every single time that I’ve had to go shopping for a specific event, I’ve spent more.

I have a twofold strategy for keeping my girls and myself ready for special events such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, or similar occasions. First, I shop when sales are at their peak. Second, I look for timeless, classic styles and colors that can outlast fashion trends.

Because July is a fabulous time to buy high quality dresses at great prices, I’ve been shopping online for the last few days. My friend Deb (a fabulous artist I blogged about here) has a daughter getting married in March, so I decided to shop early and try to get all of us outfitted well in advance.

I found some wonderful dresses and shoes and great prices. All of the ones I loved are below. I’ve ordered 5-6 of the dresses for us to try, and the first one to come to our door (the blue Likely strapless) was an instant “yes!” The Tessa featured above is not on sale, but it is so fab I am considering it myself.

All of the items are linked to below and at the time of this writing, were in stock and on sale. If you find anything you love, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll let you know the ones we end up loving and keeping.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay (special occasion) savvy!!!

Timeless Special Occasion Dresses

Timeless Special Occasion Shoes

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