Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Each of the 5 Love Languages


Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas grouped according to the classic book~ The 5 love languages~ to help you find the one your person (or people) would appreciate most.

valentine gifts love language


Gift someone based on his/her love language.

Gift giving is not my gift. I would love for my people to tell me exactly what they want so that I would KNOW they would love it. But part of the fun of gift giving is the element of surprise. Thinking through a gift and catering it to the specific wants and needs of your special person.

The 5 love languages are SO helpful in not only making relationships better, but also in gift giving. Let me start by listing the 5 love languages for those who might not know.

  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Quality Time
  • Gifts

Acts of Service Gift Ideas

This is my love language, so I have some specific gift ideas from my perspective!  Acts of service gifts involve doing things for someone…..tackling projects, completing tasks, helping make things happen. Here are some gift ideas.

  • Take time to serve your loved one.  Last week, Zane took a full day from work and drove me 6 hours to have a cosmetic procedure (eyebrows micro-bladed). This was a thoughtful, intentional gift that means so much to me. He was sacrificial in giving a full day to serve me. It made me feel SO loved. He made a huge deposit in my love bank:-)
  • Get some things done. Clean the house. Cook a fabulous meal. Detail her (or his) car. Get the gutters cleaned. Yard manicured. Closet organized. For those who think this is too hard, do like we do~delegate. Most of these things can be done easily and inexpensively by others. The gift is that things get DONE:-)
  • Food is its own love language.  This is true for most men (and many of us women). How special do you feel when someone cooks just for you? I think food = love in most cases. Cook your love’s favorite dish or meal. Or enjoy a lunch or dinner out but have a special dessert at home. Here are three sweet treats perfect for Valentine’s Day: Ashley Mac’s Red Velvet Cake, My Strawberry Brownies, or this fabulous Fallen Chocolate Souffle. A sweet treat can be whipped up in an hour or less and enjoyed for days.

Words of Affirmation Gift Ideas

Sincerely spoken or written words mean the world to anyone with this love language. There are several ways to cater to anyone in your life who feels most loved through words. Here are a few ideas. Note: This is not only one of the easiest love languages to gift, it is also one of the least expensive:-)

  • A poem or tribute (I wrote this about my husband and this about my father-in-law). You can share the tribute publicly or privately in a journal, card or letter as well.
  • “What I Like About You” List. This Knock Knock book is a precious, easy way to do this. There is a Knock-Knock book for almost anyone in your life~mom, sister, BFF, etc….
  • Custom Playlist. When we were dating, Zane gave me a pillowcase on which he wrote the titles of songs that had special meaning to us. You could compile meaningful songs on Spotify or iTunes and also document them creatively like Zane did.
  • Puzzle love letter. Write a love letter on the back of a puzzle. Mix it up, give to your Valentine, and watch him or her put it together to read the message. Zane did this for me when we were dating. I framed the puzzle and have it 31 years later:-)


Physical Touch Gift Ideas

Physical touch folks feel loved with touch. Gifts for the sensory person in your life might be any of the following.

  • Massage or spa treatments. A gift certificate for either of these would be great. A couple’s massage is even better:-)
  • Manicure and pedicure gift cards. This gift is typically given to women, but I love it when Zane treats himself to a pedicure. 
  • Dress for success (lol). You know what I mean:-) What is your spouse’s favorite lingerie (for you)? Zane’s favorite for me is silky pajama shorts and a simple tank. I love P.J. Harlow and have two sets~one navy and one eggnog~ of this Mikel cami and these Mikel satin shorts. I am SO happy that amazon has these (and they ship prime).
  • Prioritize physical intimacy. In early marriage, this is usually not necessary lol. But with age, busyness and just life in general, it takes intentionality. My friend and favorite marriage expert Dr. Joe Beam has a Spark Your Marriage video series dedicated to making intimacy better for married couples. It is an investment that will surely pay huge dividends. 

Quality Time Gift Ideas

  • Be together date. This can take place for lunch. For dinner. In the morning. Any time, any place where you meet your spouse or person just to connect with him or her. There is no agenda here other than time together.
  • Experience date. Take a class together. Learn a new skill together. Take a tour, hike, or trip together. Quality time with an agenda and an experience.
  • Friendship date. Don’t forget to date your friends. This is a goal of mine for 2020; to be intentional about lunch dates or special time with my friends.

Gifts Gift Ideas

Find out what your spouse, friend, child or special person REALLY loves or wants. Based on trends and studies on Valentine’s Day gifts, here are what most folks seem to enjoy giving/getting.

  • Flowers. But make sure you buy what your person loves. Not everyone loves roses (that would be me). Tulips are my favorite. Find out before you shower someone with flowers what they prefer.
  • Fragrance. I am a one trick pony here and have worn Trish McEvoy #9 for over 30 years. Find out what your person loves and gift them with a wonderful scent for Valentine’s Day.
  • Dog. If your person wants or needs a furry BFF, what better occasion than Valentine’s Day? If you want a special breed this may not happen on the day, but visiting a shelter is a wonderful option to find and adopt a precious companion.

What do you think about these gift ideas? Do you have great gift suggestions you could add to the mix? If so, please leave your ideas in the comments below. It is so wonderful to hear from each other:-) And, as always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!



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