Veterinarian Leigh Stevens shares the impact of physical therapy on animals

Many people know the benefits of physical therapy for themselves, but have you ever wondered how it could impact your pet? This week, DVM Leigh Stevens shares the benefits of physical therapy for our favorite furry friends. 

Episode At A Glance:

This week, DVM Leigh Stevens joins The SavvyCast to discuss physical therapy for companion animals this week. Dr. Stevens is the Supervising Veterinarian at Scout’s House, a rehab center for animals. In this episode, Dr. Stevens shares the details of her work, such as what animals she typically works with and the most common injuries she helps with. Additionally, she shares how pet owners can pursue physical therapy for their pets. 

Who Is Dr. Leigh Stevens? 

Dr. Stevens is a California native with a BA in Biology from the University of California, San Diego. Additionally, she received her DVM degree from UC Davis. Dr. Stevens has worked in several small animal clinics over the years, and her main professional interests are Internal Medicine. She is specifically interested in cases involving geriatric patients and Dermatology. She has twice held the position of President of the Santa Clara County Veterinary Medical Association. Additionally, Dr. Stevens created the Santa Clara County Disaster Preparedness Plan for Animals in 1996. She was awarded the Diamond Award in 1997 by the Emergency Services Association Coastal Chapter. Today, she works as the Supervising Veterinarian at Scout’s House, a rehab center for animals. 

What Is Scout’s House? 

Scout’s House is based in California and provides physical rehabilitation therapy and products for companion animals. They also sell a wide variety of assistive products for disabled dogs and cats through their online store.

Questions Answered In This Episode: 

  • Can physical therapists study to specifically work with animals?
  • Will pet insurance companies pay for pets to have physical therapy?
  • What kind of animals do you typically work with?
  • How do you determine when to euthanize a pet?
  • What are the most common injuries that you help with?
  • How would people find a physical therapist for their pet in their state?
  • Can dogs experience mental developmental disorders?
  • How is treating service animals different than treating normal pets?
  • What are common dermatological issues among dogs?
  • How do you crate train your dog/cat?

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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