Video Chat Q & A With Dr. Herzog: Malignant Melanoma

Today, Dr. Herzog joins Family Savvy via video chat to address some reader questions on malignant melanoma. The following questions are a sampling of what Dr. Herzog will address:

1. Is an early malignant melanoma always easy to recognize, or can it look like just another mole or freckle?

2. Can moles in pre-pubescent children develop malignant melanoma?

Dr. Herzog also shares an interesting story of how she found what her radiologist called  “the tiniest melanoma he had ever seen.” She also shares how malignant melanoma can occur in places that don’t typically receive sun exposure (debunking the myth that skin that stays covered is “safe from cancer”).

This video chat is the first of several that will continue in the following weeks. As always, Dr. Herzog invites questions from Family Savvy readers and does her best to answer them quickly. Submit any questions via



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