Ways to Use Succulents In Home Decor


I’ve recently become obsessed with ways to use succulents in home decor and am excited to share a few of my faves on the blog.

Ways to Use Succulents in Home Decor
Photo from At Home Furnishings

Today’s post will be mainly photos of a few ways to use succulents in home decor. I’ve noticed in all the home stores that I’ve been in recently, succulents are trending:-) In fact, my local Pottery Barn has an entire section of succulents; it looks like a mini garden shop!

I am NOT a green thumb, which is one reason I love succulents. They retain water for long periods of time, which makes them perfect for those of us who don’t “tend to” their greenery every day.

I’ve taken a few snapshots of succulents in one of my FAVE places in Birmingham~At Home Furnishings. I could literally disappear in the store for hours looking at the wonderful, unique, very reasonably priced items for the home.

I’ve included a few pics of succulents that I use in my little home decor vignettes or groupings. I talk a bit more about vignettes here (if that kind of thing interests you:-).

If any of you use succulents in your home decor, please share your ideas and pics in the comments section of this post. It is so fun sharing ideas. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

(above) Succulents in the kitchen are a great pop of color and “greenery” to add life to the cooking space.


(Above) Succulents add a bit of green to my small parlor table. Note: These succulents are SILK (aka faux:-) from At Home Furnishings.#noshameinsilk #dontaskdonttell:-)

I bought the individual stems and put them in this white planter (also from At Home). I used pearl barley (find it with dried beans in grocery store) in the planter. It looks like tiny pepples and allows stems to be moved or rearranged as needed.

(Above) Silk succulents would also work perfectly in a bathroom like mine that has zero natural light. I love using these underneath the gorgeous acrylic framed fragment from my sweet friend Lyn Lyle. You can find her on instagram @lynlyledesigns.


(above) Another silk (faux) succulent the teensy weensy table next to my chaise lounge where I oftne blog. This little container came from Trader Joe’s. It had a real succulent in it, but all the stems fell out, so I put a silk one in. Bravo for silk!!! #fauxisawesome #fauxismyfriend

(Above) Love this tall live succulent in this fab concrete planter. This is from At Home Furnishings. They carry various sizes of these at a great price point.


(Above) Another wonderful, live succulent on a table in At Home Furnishings. Love the crystal~another natural element that I want to learn to use in my decor.

Hope you enjoyed these and perhaps got a bit of inspiration. If you aren’t already, please follow me on my new insta at @family_savvy. I post lots of things that I see out and about that won’t show up on the blog, so do check it out:-)







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