What Every Woman Should Do To Protect Herself Financially if Divorce Ever Happens


If you or a loved one are facing divorce, you know how stressful the financial aspects of divorce are. In this episode, Melanie Nichols and Elizabeth Brasher of WA Asset Management share financial advice for women facing divorce. 

Episode At A Glance: 

While many people immediately think of the emotional toll divorce takes, going through a divorce is financially stressful as well. This week, Melanie Nichols and Elizabeth Brasher join me to share eight financial tips for anyone facing divorce. 

Who Is Melanie Nichols? 

Melanie Nichols serves as a partner and senior client consultant at WA Asset Management. Her responsibilities include directing the management of investment portfolios for retirement plans and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Melanie co-founded the Women’s Wealth Connection of WA. 

Melanie Nichols serves as a partner and senior client consultant at WA Asset Management.

Who Is Elizabeth Brasher? 

Elizabeth L. Brasher serves as a client consultant at WA Assessment. She enjoys working with clients holistically in all seasons of their lives. Additionally, Elizabeth is also the Practice Leader of  Women’s Wealth Connection of WA Asset Management.

     Elizabeth Brasher serves as a client consultant for WA Asset Management.

8 Things to Consider if You or a Friend Is Considering a Divorce:

  1. Firstly, try to consider all things in a non-emotional state. Timing is very important! 
  2. Secondly, gather documentation.
  3. Thirdly, start tracking your expenses. 
  4. After that, build your legal, emotional, and financial team. 
  5. Although most people are well-meaning, be sure to be wary of “free” advice. 
  6. Additionally, consider things such as obtaining credit in your name and renting a PO box. 
  7. After that, understand your divorce options. 
  8. Finally, remember that if you do have children, you will be co-parenting them for the rest of your life. 


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